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If you are a State lottery vendor, an entrepreneur interested in an unlimited earnings opportunity as a What If I Win Products operator or a business seeking a promotional opportunity for your product or service - this opportunity is for you.  

Our strategic business plan will guide you to success offering our one of a kind lottery themed gift products; greeting cards, post cards, playing cards, and more at various State lottery vendors; convenience stores and super markets nation-wide. 

Capitalizing on the state lottery, our novel gift product is both convenient, informative, accessible and entertaining, ​educational, state lotteries, the greeting card and the vending industry are multi-billion dollar industries.
However, advances in technology and how people send greeting cards (via internet) has changed and indeed impacted the sales of traditional greeting card retailers, such as Hall Mark and American Greetings. What If I Win Products novel approach to the sale of greeting cards through vending machines coupled by our one of a kind lottery themed gift products targeting lottery enthusiast has created the potential for rapid growth and unlimited profitability in this self-defined niche market.
 At What If I Win Products, we've fused consumer motivations; for lottery play, greeting card entertainment, the convenience of State lottery vendors and the technologies of greeting card vending into a unique and profitable opportunity.   
In essence, the "why" is simple, What If I Win Products; are profitable, novel, 
entertaining, easily accessible and convenient. 

Of course, the other part of the "why" is that this is a great business opportunity for you! 

If you’re a State lottery vendor; looking to increase store foot traffic, boost lottery ticket sales and increase your bottom line, "this opportunity is for you." 

If you're an entrepreneur interested in being your own boss and opening a business in a lucrative industry with unlimited earnings potential, "then this opportunity is for you." 


      What If I Win?
The Lottery Themed Gift Products Company



When you consider a What If I Win Products partnership oppurtunity, we'll meet with you to discuss; you’re business interests, our program, our products, our services, and your earnings potential.  

After signing our partnership agreement we'll provide the training, equipment and supplies you'll need in order to get your business up and running.  

Once our What If I Win Products branded vending machine arrives at your lottery retail store location and is situated in its pre-negotiated space, "preferably in close proximity to state lottery ticket vending machines or lottery play stations," it's then loaded with our lottery themed gift products and you're ready to take orders 24/7.

As customers purchase greeting cards and by nature of our product design, customers are encouraged to purchase lottery tickets at check-out when they read the internal greeting card pronouncement "place lottery ticket here..."

Whether you're; a State lottery vendor or What If I Win Products operator we welcome the chance to discuss our business and partnering opportunity with you.  


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      What If I Win?
The Lottery Themed Gift Products Company

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